Best Family Restaurants In Orlando

Family Restaurants In Orlando

With Disney, Universal, and numerous other amazing attractions drawing in millions of families each year, there are thousands of restaurants in Orlando, all which are kid friendly and fun for the whole family.

Whether you want a nice sit down meal or just some fast food, Orlando has it all, and with a vast selection that will make sure you’re never left wanting for your favourite meal or treat.

Best Restaurants For Kids

14. AMC Dine In Movie

AMC in Downtown Disney Orlando is the perfect activity for kids of all ages.
Dinner AND a Movie?! Why not!!!

This is certainly not one of the ‘Best Restaurants In Orlando For Families’ based solely on the food (as it’s ‘okay’, but nothing special)…however the overall experience is FUN!

You’ll be served at your seat before your movie begins, and then your food will arrive directly in front of you as you leisurely sit around and watch the movie.

Better still, there is an airplane style ‘call’ button to summon your waiter every time your drink needs a refill!

13. Hard Rock Cafe

Visit the Har Rock Cafe for a fun and vibrant family atmosphere.
Hard Rock Cafe at CityWalk.

Hard Rock Cafe, known around the world.

It doesn’t need much of an introduction. Hard Rock Cafe is a great restaurant for families, and the one in Orlando is situated at Universal’s Citywalk, which is accessible to everyone, even non-ticket holders.


  • Parking at Universal if FREE after 6pm.

12. Keke’s Breakfast Cafe

Fresh, exciting menu. There's something for everyone, and it all tastes good.
The best breakfast we’ve had in the US.

The best breakfast we’ve had anywhere in the USA.

Keke’s was fresh, looked amazing, tasted fantastic, and left us all absolutely satisfied!


  • Everything we tried here was made fresh and tasted delicious. So go for it!

11. The Melting Pot

The best way for a family to sit around a table, socialise and have a great time, all eating from one pot.
Fondu for family sharing time!

This one is less of a full ‘meal’, and more of a fun dining experience. The melting pot offers fondu style dining, so the whole family can dip away, enjoying the fun and social aspect of dining, sharing, and laughing together.

10. Sweet Tomatoes

A kids buffet that they will love, with unlimited soup, pasta and deserts.
A healthy kids buffet that they will LOVE!

This is an ‘eat as much as you like’ buffet…but for vegetable?!

I know…why on earth is this listed in a ‘Best Restaurants for Families’ guide! But our kids absolutely LOVE it! There is such a vast selection of vegetables, cheeses, nuts, dressings. And on top of that…it’s all the little extras that make it enjoyable for them. Pizza slices, garlic breads, Mac n Cheese, soups…and best of all…unlimited deserts!

So yes, they don’t eat as much of the vegetables as you would think, considering the main focus of this restaurant is the vegetables, but they DO absolutely love all of the extras that come with it.

It’s difficult to find a buffet where everything tastes fresh and good (try the buffet at Golden Corral if you want to experience inedible), but Sweet Tomatoes is a regular request FROM OUR KIDS, whenever we’re nearby!

9. Olive Garden

Absolutely perfect bread sticks, and great family friendly environment.
You’ll find them all over the US…but there’s a reason for that!

The meals are enjoyable the prices are decent…but it’s not the main course that you come to Olive Garden for. It’s the unlimited soup or salad that comes with every meal…and then the BREADSTICKS!!!

This is what puts Olive Garden on the map! Unlimited, fresh, piping hot, garlic breadsticks.


  • Doesn’t matter what you order…it’s the free unlimited soup or salad that makes this place all the more worth it!
  • Bread Sticks! Eat them, put them in your purse, line your pockets with them!

8. Gator’s Dockside

With all you can eat chicken wings, and free kids nights, Gators Dockside is truly a great family restaurant location.
All You Can Eat Chicken Wings (boneless also available).

Not the best restaurant you will have ever been to, but a really cool and laid back environment, with a truly ‘American’ feel.

What you’re really here for is the wings. Come on the right night, and you can eat as much boneless or boned wings as you like, and each time you order, you can choose a different flavor (or keep the same) from great long list, including Teriyaki, Honey Mustard, Caribbean Jerk or even 4 Alarm Suicide!


  • Monday – All You Can Eat Wings (boned).
  • Tuesday – Kids Night. One kid eats free with each paying adult.
  • Wednesday – All You can Eat Wings AND Fries (boneless).
  • Thursday – Burger Thursday. $7.99 with up to 4 toppings and one side.

7. Hot N Juicy Crawfish

Hot n Juicy Crawfish is an amazing experience for the whole family.
It doesn’t look like much, but it’s delicious, and definitely one of our favourite family restaurant experience in Orlando.

You may not like seafood, and you may not like spicy, but the unique experience at Hot n Juicy Crawfish is what makes this place a great laugh and a good memory. Our kids aren’t particularly fond of seafood…but they absolutely LOVED Hot n Juicy Crawfish!

Lobster, crab, crawfish, shrimp, sausage, potato and sweetcorn all cooked in one big bag, in seasoning and a spice level of your choice, and then served to your table in the very same bag.

Put on your bib and the gloves provided (trust me…the sauce doesn’t come out your clothes!), and dig in. No forks provided!


  • For kids, or those who don’t like spicy food, make sure to choose ‘baby spice’.
  • Just get one big bag to share.

6. Blaze Pizza

Affordable and delicious pizza from Blaze Pizza in Disney Springs. Quick, fun pizza for the whole family.
Fresh baked customised pizza in minutes. Enjoy it in Disney Springs.

A brilliant new addition to Disney Springs, Disney’s free-to-visit family location.

Think Subway sandwiches, but Pizza style. Walk down the counter choosing the toppings that you like for your pizza, and then watch as they throw your freshly made pizza directly into their blazing over.

Sit down for a couple of minutes whilst it cooks, and when your ‘ready’ notifier that you were handed vibrates, your Pizza is ready! Collect your pizza from the server, and eat!

Surprisingly cheap, for such a good quality item, especially when you consider the usual prices of all things Disney.


  • A line is common outside, but it moves fast, so don’t be discouraged.
  • Parking and entry to Disney Springs is FREE.

5. BurgerFi

BurgerFi allows you to create your own burger, satisfying any kids appetite.
BurgerFi has a cosy family friendly environment.

Most people have heard of Five Guys (we’ve been to them on several continents), so when you think of BurgerFi, think of Five Guys, in a well decorated, modern feeling, comfortable and premium environment.

Winner of ‘Best Burger Joint’, BurgerFi has all the deliciousness of a real home cooked burger, and with all the premium options to go with it. (And the handmade fries to go with it aren’t too bad either!)

Line up all of the burger restaurants we’ve ever been to, and we will choose BurgerFi every time!


  • Be adventurous, or have it standard. It’s amazing no matter which you choose.

4. Jeremiah’s Italian Ice

Jeremiah's is the perfect pick me up for any family evening or daytime treat.
Italian Ice layered with soft delicious ice cream! AMAZING!

Amazing, delicious, addictive and well-priced Italian Ice!

This is our favourite ice cream in the whole of the US. With several branches dotted around the Orlando area, you can choose from over 40 flavours, and get the perfect layering of Italian Ice & creamy soft ice cream.

With Free Samples, you can try the flavors before you buy, and mix and match to your heart’s content. Day and night, this is the perfect place for a quick treat!


  • Fancy sharing? Order the quart!
  • Get the loyalty card. Once you’ve had it, you’ll be back…so it’s worth it.

3. T-Rex Cafe

T-Rex Cafe in Disney Springs is a sure way to give your kids an unforgettable experience.
T-Rex Cafe in Orlando is a perfect family adventure.

If you have ever been to a Rainforest Cafe, think Rainforest Cafe, but with HUGE moving animated dinosaurs. And whilst the dinosaurs are moving regularly throughout your meal, every 20 minutes there is a ‘meteor shower’, where the lights dim, and all of the dinosaurs come to life together.

Depending on where your server seats you, you can dine in an ice-cave, underwater, or in the jungle.

The food is decent, but not out of this world, however, it’s the experience for the kids that makes this restaurant so high up the list.


  • If it’s your birthday, purchase a ‘Landry’s Select’ Dining Card while you’re there, and you’ll get $25 off your meal!
  • Book a table in advance, as lines to get a seat can take a while.
  • Turn up early, and the kids can play in the ‘dino-dig’ area while you wait to be seated.

2. Maggiano’s Little Italy

A perfect Italian 'family style' dining experience.
Maggiano’s on International Drive is perfect for Italian ‘family style’ dining!

This restaurant epitomises ‘family dining’. Huge meals, easily big enough to share, including gigantic kids portions.

The comfortable Italian feel in the restaurant, the service, and the food, are absolutely fantastic. Whenever we have taken friends or family to Orlando, we have taken them to Maggiano’s!

I don’t think that there has been a time that we have visited Orlando, without stopping here.


  • Be prepared no to finish your meal.

1. Fogo de Chão

A buffet, with unlimited meat, fit for a king, shared by the whole family.
Fogo De Chao. Our favourite family restaurant in Orlando.

This is the most expensive of all of our dining recommendations…but it is SO worth it! Our favourite Steak House IN THE WORLD!

If you like steak, this place is for you. You’ll be served in true Brazilian Churrascaria style, with waiters bringing a selection of different meats on skewers directly to your table, again, and again, and again until you’re completely done.

And if you think the steak is good…the buffet salad bar has choice and quality to match.

It’s $55 per person in the evening, half price for kids 7-12 and free for kids 6 and under. But if you go at lunch, it’s the lower price of $40, half price for kids 7-12 and free for kids 6 and under.


  • Cheaper for the same menu if you go at lunch.
  • Half price for kids 7-12
  • Free for kids 6 and under

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