Best Things To Do In Botswana With Kids

Family Days Out In Botswana

Botswana is for certain one of the best destinations in Africa to visit with kids. Not only does it have breathtaking landscapes and amazing Game Reserves, but the country has very low crime rates, modern infrastructure, and welcoming locals.

Sure, I might be a little biased as I used to live here. But having lived in Scotland, England, the USA, Botswana and South Africa… Botswana was the one place that truly stole my heart!

Best Things To Do With Kids

7. Stay In A Safari Lodge

Safari lodge in Botswana.

Get closer to nature, and experience Africa in the wild by staying at one of the many Safari Lodges and camps available.

Wake up to the roar of lions, or the sight of elephants, and get back in touch with nature.

6. Thamalakane Horse Riding Safari

Horseback riding as a family through a Botswana Safari.
Experience a safari from the back of your very own horse.

For those of you with older children (12+), why not try experiencing nature as part of nature. Take a day or multi-day horseback safari to explore the African wildlife.

5. Makgadikgadi Salt Pan

Take a family day out to ride, eat and sleep on the Makgadikgadi Salt Pan.
Evening meal on the Makgadikgadi Salt Pan.

This is unlike anything your kids may have seen or experienced before. This salt pan, situated in the middle of the dry savanna of north-eastern Botswana, is one of the largest salt flats in the world. Once an enormous lake, covering an area larger than the country of Switzerland, it dried up year ago, and now the pan in all that remains.

Take a 4×4 ride out, drive an ATV, have dinner by a roaring bonfire, and sleep under the stars. So many experiences to be had, and even wildlife to be seen.


  • Visit during the dry months of May to November when animals congregate around pans and waterholes.

4. Mekoro Safari

A great way for the family to see the Okavango Delta.
Take a safari through the Okavango Delta on a Mekoro.

Traditional to this very region of Botswana are the Mekoro. A canoe-like vessel, made of hollowed-out timber, and propelled with a pole.

If you visit Okavango Delta, you can take a ride on a traditional Mekoro down the rivers, passing through crocodiles, elephants and hippos.


  • Visit between Jul-Oct for the best views and wildlife.

3. Walking With Elephants

Take a family stroll with elephants through Botswana.
Walk with elephants through Botswana’s gorgeous landscape.

Take a stroll through the gorgeous Okavango Delta with two fantastic (orphaned) elephants as your companions.

What better way to get to know these animals than to eat lunch with them, walk with them, and spend time getting to know them.

2. Victoria Falls

Visit the worlds largest waterfall in Zimbabwe, not far from the border with Botswana.
Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe. The World’s Largest Waterfall.

Okay…so a little bit of a cheat…but with Botswana being so close to Victoria Falls (just a short drive over the Botswana border, and on the border between Zimbabwe and Zambia), you simply can’t miss this opportunity to see Victoria Falls.

Whilst it’s not the highest, or the widest waterfall in the world. It’s still classed as the largest, due to the combination of its massive height and equally impressive width.


  • Visit between Feb-May, directly after the region’s summer rains, to see it flowing at its greatest volume.

1. Okavango Delta

Take the kids for a safari ride through the worlds largest inland river delta.
4×4 Safari Through Okavango Delta.

Known as ‘Africa’s Largest Eden’, the Okavango Delta is the perfect place for families with kids. The worlds biggest inland river delta, it’s famous for its grassy plains, which flood seasonally, becoming a fantastic habitat for wildlife.

On dry land you will find lions, leopards, giraffes, rhinos, and more. Or take a trip on a Mekoro down the river, and boat with elephants, hippos and crocodiles.

Visit between Jul-Oct and you’ll be met with the best views, and most active natural wildlife.


  • Visit between Jul-Oct for the best views and wildlife.
  • Paddle through crocodiles, hippos and elephants on a traditional Mekoro (a canoe-like boat, made from hollowed out timber).

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