Best Things To Do In Italy With Kids

Family Days Out In Italy

Italy is by far one of our favourite destinations, especially for families with children. You’ll struggle to find anywhere else in the world that is so welcoming, and where the variety of food caters to even the most fussy eaters.

Italy is cheap, cheerful and charming.

Best Things To Do in Italy With Kids…

8. Naples / Napoli

Exploring Naples to find the best pizzeria.
Having pizza, in the birthplace of pizza. Napoli, Italy.

Naples as a City, probably wouldn’t make this list. (Sorry Naples!). The people are friendly, the shopping is good, but there are so many other Italian cities that do it better.

That being said…Naples is a MUST for the Pizza lovers. The home of the first pizza, and the birthplace of the world famous Margherita.

We spent an entire day just eating Pizza, after pizza, after pizza, trying to find the best Pizza in Naples. And do you know what we found? Everywhere in Naples does world beating Pizza. All freshly made with local ingredients, and baked in open wood-burning ovens, there is nowhere in Italy that does pizza quite as good as Naples.

7. Therme di Saturnia

A natural hot spring, completely free to visit with the family in Italy.
Enjoying the warm waters of Terme di Saturnia.

This is a stunning Thermal Bath with absolute natural beauty! We couldn’t believe that it was completely free and open to the public, having seen it featured on so many popular travel magazines.

Free parking on-site, and free to enjoy the warm waters of the thermal spring.


  • Come early in the morning, as it gets pretty full pretty fast.
  • Try the pizza vending machine by the cafe.
  • Don’t leave any valuables in your vehicle.

6. Pompeii

A great family day out visiting Pompeii and Mt Vesuvius.
Pompeii’s Bodies. Exploring the ruins of Pompeii.

This place is SO big, it will take you a full day for sure…even if you’re doing the ‘quick’ tour.

That being said, if you want to see Roman history, then it’s ALL here. Palaces, temples, amphitheatres, housing estates, baths, etc. And what makes it even more special, is the tragic story of how it all ended here.

Pompeii is unlike so many other Roman ruin sites throughout Europe, and comes with a feeling of ‘reality’ that often escapes many of the other more popular sites.


  • A lot of walking, so wear comfortable shoes.

5. Tivoli

A brilliant day out for all the family in Tivoli.
Ville d’Este in Tivoli, Italy. An amazing water feature park.

Tivoli is an fantastic day out. A small town built on a hill, with dreamy views, delicious local eateries, and the jaw-dropping gardens of Villa d’Este.

Only 30 mins outside of Rome, it’s definitely worth a day out to enjoy something more local feeling and picturesque outside of all the hustle and bustle of Rome.

Whatever you do, don’t follow the GPS here. We made that mistake, and ended driving up some of the smallest roads we’ve ever driven, scrapping house walls on either side, and hoping that we come out of it alive!


  • Don’t follow your GPS! You will end up on the smallest roads on the planet, and wondering how you’ll ever get out of it alive!!!

4. Pisa

Family day out at The Leaning Tower of Pisa in Italy.
Visiting The Leaning Tower of Pisa, Italy.

Pisa comes in for quite a bit of criticism, as it is a small town, isn’t the cleanest, and really is built for tourists.

That being said, we LOVE it and think that it’s completely underrated. The square that holds The Leaning Tower, the Baptistery and the Cathedral is extremely well kept and is an ideal location, situated close to car parks for simple and easy access.

As long as you know what you’re doing, Pisa offers so much more. So venture out past the tourist cafes, restaurant and market, and you’ll hit more local restaurants and mini fruit and veg markets where you can enjoy the real Pisa, and avoid the ‘tourist trap’ close to the tower itself.


  • Spectacular place, but really just a day trip so don’t schedule too long here.

3. Rome

A family day out in Rome, visiting many historical site.
The Colosseum in Rome, Italy.

So why is Rome so far down the list? Don’t get us wrong. Rome is AMAZING and definitely a ‘must see’ and everyones bucket list, and what you should really take from this, is that if Rome is all the way down here…just how fantastic the places above TRULY are!

There are certain sites that simply make you feel happy, because you’ve spent your whole life hearing about them and dreaming about being there, and then, there you are. Stood outside the Colosseum, or the Trevi Fountain. It really does fill you with joy, and they definitely don’t disappoint.

As well as that, the food options are unbelievable, and finding exquisite cheap eats is spectacularly easy.

For families, we recommend staying at Village Fabulous just outside of Rome. With a swimming pool onsite, homes big enough for larger families, and buses direct to Rome, it’s fun, easy and convenient.


  • So much to see and do, you’ll never manage in a day trip. So prioritise, or stay for longer.

2. Verona

Spending a family day out in Verona, and visiting La Casa di Giulietta.
Juliet’s Balcony at La Casa di Giulietta in Verona, Italy.

We visited this place solely for the reason that Lisi wanted to see Juliet’s balcony. So we went!

But what a fantastic City. Although typically associated with Romeo and Juliet (and there really is a LOT of stuff for fans to see here), the City is also full of history. Castles, historic bridges destroyed in WWII and rebuilt using the destroyed stone, and a working amphitheatre with superb productions!

Verona is our second favourite City in Italy, and a must on any trip.


  • Book tickets for a live show in Verona Arena (Roman Amphitheatre).

1. Florence / Firenze

Having a family day out by the Cattedrale di Santa Maria del Fiore, Florence, Italy.
Cattedrale di Santa Maria del Fiore, Florence, Italy.

When we first visited Florence it was at the end of our vacation, for a half-day trip, on our way to the airport…and we were SO disappointed that we hadn’t allotted more time for this unbelievable location.

The architecture, the food, the GELATO!

If you only visit this place for the Gelato, then you can die happy! But Florence has so much more to offer. From the heavenly food court inside Mercato Centrale, to the incredible Cattedrale di Santa Maria del Fiore. Florence is majestic, and our favourite city in Italy.


  • Don’t miss the foodcourt in Mercato Centrale. AMAZING!!!
  • If driving, park at the Coop on Viale Pietro Nenni. Free parking, and right next to the tramline to the City Centre.

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