Best Christmas Markets in Germany

Step Into Christmas

Nothing quite kicks off that Christmassy feeling like a good Christmas Market. And nothing screams Christmas Market quite like an authentic German Christmas Market.

So we set off on a road-trip to discover which German Christmas markets are the best, and why.

From bratwurst to Glühwein, Germany’s Christmas markets were simply dreamy.

DISCLAIMER: Before we start however, let’s make something completely clear. This is NOT a ranking of German Christmas Markets from best to worst. These markets are the BEST OF THE BEST. From “Wow! This is amazing!” to “Oh my goodness! I’m in Heaven!!!”. German Christmas Markets have been perfected over centuries and you can see the love, attention and detail that goes into each and every one. So…here it goes…

Best Christmas Markets in Germany

Prague / Czechia

Prague Christmas Markets in Czechia. Close to the German border.
Prague Christmas Market at St Vitus Cathedral.

Okay, so this first one is cheating, but with it being SO close, we couldn’t help border-hopping and visiting the world famous Christmas Markets of Prague.

Visiting the Prague Christmas markets at the end of our journey really put things into perspective for us however, as having just come from the German Christmas Markets, they really put Prague to shame.

Whilst we had been to Prague before, and enjoyed it very much, the German Markets were full of local people, celebrating Christmas at their local Christmas Market, and there was a real feeling of being part of German Christmas culture. Prague on the other hand, feels like you’re one in a million tourists, visiting a fantastic Christmas Market, put on for tourist revenue.

Is Prague worth seeing? Absolutely! It’s one of the most gorgeous cities we’ve ever visited. Is it worth is at Christmas? Absolutely, the lights and decorations make the city that extra bit more special. Are the Christmas Markets worth a visit? Yes. Although they can’t quite compare to the German Christmas Markets, the Prague Christmas Markets are still excellent Christmas Markets, and definitely worth a trip.


  • Although not legitimately ‘Czech’, the Trdlnik is a ‘must try’.
  • Our favourite Christmas Market is the tiny Market at St Vitus Cathedral.
  • If trying the ‘Prague Ham’, make sure you specify a weight. Or they will fill your plate, and charge you an extortionate amount of money!


There are more than 80 fantastic Christmas Markets in Berlin, Germany.
Rotes Rathaus Weihnachtsmarkt in Berlin, where there are more than 80 Christmas Markets.

Berlin has more than 80 Christmas Markets, so visiting them all may need to be done over a few years 😉

In Berlin we found an amazing selection of foods that we didn’t find at any other Christmas Markets around Germany, so if your main goal is to eat…Berlin definitely has more than enough to keep you satisfied.

The main benefit of having more than 80 Christmas Markets, is that you can choose the type of Christmas Market that suits you. Whether you want to ice-skate around famous statues and landmarks, ride on magical fairground rides, purchase traditional crafts or eat local food, Berlin has it all.


  • Don’t miss Santa flying through the sky at the Rotes Rathaus market.


Exploring the Stuttgart Christmas Market in Germany.
Light displays in the square at the Stuttgart Weihnachtsmarkt.

Funnily enough, our favourite Market in Stuttgart was the Finnish Christmas Market. With it’s heartwarming Flammlachs Suppe, and it’s warm fire-lit teepee, this tiny little market was Suppe-r! (See what I did there!)

The Finnish Market isn’t all however, as there is a gorgeous giant Christmas decoration display, a mini railway to ride on, and a Castle which as concerts (free) daily. Stuttgart really did provide something unique.


  • Make sure to time your visit with a performance in the Castle. Even if you don’t stay for it all, it really is a unique experience.

Cologne / Köln

Of all the markets, this felt the most upbeat, provided a good variety of different ‘feeling’ markets, and would be our top recommendation for couples who like a mix of the new, as well as more traditional.

Of all the cities we went to, Cologne really made the biggest effort to impress, with stall workers all wearing traditional attire that matched their craft, location or stall.

There are many markets here, but four main ones that you should certainly try to visit. The more traditional Altes Market (Old Market), the Cathedral Market, the Angels Market, and the Harbour Market. Each with a unique look, theme and stalls, take the Christmas Market Express to get access to them all quickly and easily.


  • You can catch the Christmas Market Express at each of the four main markets and ride directly to the next market.

Nuremberg / Nürnberg

Drinking Kinderspunsch with the kids at the Nuremberg Christmas Markets in Germany.
Drinking Kinderspunsch above the Nürnberg Christkindlesmarkt.

Nuremberg was the first Christmas Market we went to in Germany, and really set the bar high. A gorgeous little town, with a traditionally local ‘German’ feel.

Famous for their local Bratwurst (much smaller, and more like chipolata’s), we were desperate to try, and we were NOT disappointed. Served 3 in a bun, because of their small size, these are the best Bratwurst we have had anywhere in the world, and we just had to have them again, and again…and again! You can only get this Bratwurst in Nuremberg, so make sure to get your fill of it before you leave!

Also famous for their gingerbread (Nürnberger Lebkucken), this was equally as fantastic, and by FAR the best gingerbread we’ve ever had.

The people here were extremely friendly, and you felt as if you were mixing with the locals in celebrating their Christmas traditions.

For families with children, there is a dedicated Children’s Christmas Market with rides and activities to suit all ages.


  • Try the Bratwurst. It’s AMAZING!
  • Try the Nürnberger Lebkuchen. It’s AMAZING!


The best Christmas Market in Germany. Dresden Weihnachtsmarkt.
Dresdner Striezelmarkt in Germany. Our favourite German Christmas Market.

Like Nuremberg, Dresden has that local, friendly atmosphere, and you’ll feel as if you’ve stepped right into Christmas.

World famous Dresdner Stollen originated here, so make sure to have a try, as even though we’re not typically fans of Stollen…it certainly is the best Stollen we’ve ever tasted!

For families with children, the activities available are out of this world, with purpose built themed huts to make it even more magical (like making gingerbread inside a giant gingerbread house, etc).

If we could go back to one Christmas Market, then this would be it!

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