Best Things To Do In Cornwall With Kids

Family Days Out In Cornwall

Having grown up in England, I’ve always been averse to spending any of my valued vacation time on an English ‘staycation’. With a desire to experience different cultures, foods and landscapes, England simply can’t compare to any of it’s greater, grander European counterparts…or so I thought!!!

That was until I discovered CORNWALL! A hidden gem in the South West of England, with paradisiacal beaches, excellent local food, and a plethora of amazing things to do for families with children!

Cornwall has retained its Old English Charm, with homely local food, weather that doesn’t make you want to cry, and English Countryside that has been preserved with near perfection. In fact, it’s so far from the dreary red-bricked terraced houses and relentless rain of the north…that you might even think you’re not in England whatsoever!

But yet…this is England…and everything that is great about it!

Best Things To Do With Kids…

Kynance Cove

Best place to visit in Cornwall. Kynance Cove - The Best Beach In The UK.
Kynance Cove on the Lizard peninsula in Cornwall.

If there is one place that you MUST go when in Cornwall…it’s here! Having been to some of the best beaches in varies countries throughout the world, we were absolutely stunned to find this gorgeous and pristine white sand beach, complete with impressive cave systems to explore, right here on the Cornish Coastline.

Get there early in the morning, and you’ll be able to explore all the caves while the tide is still out. Plus, you’ll almost have exclusive use to the entire beach.


  • Arrive early in the morning and you’ll have the whole beach to yourself.
  • Avoid coming when the tide is in, as you’ll no longer be able to explore the caves, and much of the beach will have disappeared.

The Minack Theatre

Visiting The Minack Theatre in Cornwall With Kids.
Watching Shakespeare’s Macbeth in the Minack Theatre.

A fantastic and unique experience. Watch a live performance, on a working amphitheatre, situated on the edge of a cliff, overlooking the stunning Cornish Coastline. There really is no-where else in the world (that we know of) that offers such a unique and magical theatre experience.

Feel free to explore the theatre and landscape when there are no shows in progress, and then take your seat for some brilliant theatre production.


  • The theatre is outdoors, so check the forecast before you go.
  • Parking is free when you purchase show tickets.

St Michael’s Mount

St Michael's Mount In Cornwalll. From inland to island!
On Marazion Beach in Cornwall, with the tide coming in around St Michael’s Mount.

When the tide is out, you can walk to this island on a footpath across the sand. When the tide is in, the island is completely cut off by water.

A brilliant little castle on an island.

Plan to spend a day here, and you’ll get to see it from both aspects, with a walkway across, and then as a fantastic island.


  • Check the tide times online, and arrive in time to see it from both perspectives.

Tintagel Castle

Family day out at Tintagel Castel - Cornwall
Tintagel Castle, Cornwall. The home of the legendary King Arthur.

A place of legend, where King Arthur was conceived.

Having undergone recent refurbishment, Tintagel Castle is even better than before. Ruins, bridges, statues and landscapes make this a truly special experience.

  • Family passes are available.
  • Children under 5 go free.

Strawberry Picking

Family fun at pick your own strawberries in Cornwall, England.
Strawberry picking with the kids in Cornwall.

With a perfect climate for growing strawberries, you won’t have to wander far to find a pick-your-own strawberry farm.


With a vast selection with many of the best beaches in the UK, you won’t be short of options.
We recommend visiting the idyllic little town of Padstow in North Cornwall, with it’s quaint harbour and white sandy beaches.
However, if you only have time for one beach, it MUST MUST MUST be Kynance Cove! Our favourite beach in the whole of the UK, and definitely one of the best we’ve been to in the WORLD! A fantastically gorgeous white sand beach, dotted with stunning cave and rock formations, and a charming little cafe perched on a small cliff. STUNNING!!!

What To Eat In Cornwall

Cornish Pasty

Traditional Cornish Pasty, from the Chough Bakery in Padstow, Cornwall.
Traditional Cornish pasty, from the Award Winning Chough Bakery in Padstow, Cornwall.

This is a traditional pasty that is so enshrined in local culture, that it was awarded ‘protected status’ in 2011.
To be classed as an AUTHENTIC Cornish pasty, it must be shaped like a D, crimped on one side (not on top), and include diced or minced beef, onion, potato and swede (turnip) in rough chunks, with some light peppery seasoning.

Also a major factor, is that it MUST be made in Cornwall! Anything made outside of Cornwall is simply an illegal imposter.

Cornish Ice Cream

Real Hand Made Cornish Ice Cream from the Perran Dairy Ice Cream Parlour in Perranporth.
Perran Dairy Ice Cream Parlour, Perranporth, Cornwall.

Made with locally produced Cornish Clotted Cream, Cornish Ice Cream is rich in taste, and super creamy.

Cream Tea

Traditional English Cream Tea.
English Cream Tea (the ones pictures here are made the Devonshire way. NOT the Cornish.)

An English scone, spread with a thick layer of jam (jelly for Americans), and finished with a healthy dollop of Cornish Clotted Cream.

There has been many an argument between Cornwall and it’s neighbour Devon as to where the Cream Tea originates, and more importantly, in what oder the ingredients should be added (is it the Cornish way of Scone, Jam and then Cream? Or the Devonshire way of Scone, Cream followed by a dollop of jam on top?).

In Cornwall it is cream last and jam in the middle. In Devon, a dollop of jam last, with the cream in the middle.
We’ll let you decide!

Fish & Chips (Chippy)

Fish and Chips. A truly British tradition. Deep-fried battered fish and chips.
Fish & Chips

Although not specific to Cornwall, you can’t miss having Fish & Chips on a visit to England…let alone a region such as this, surrounded by gorgeous coastline and daily fresh fish.

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